The most powerful, convenient and sustainable way to transform your
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The most Powerful and convenient way to charge outside

Installation is a breeze. It takes 15 minutes to retrofit any patio umbrella with the Solr Umbrella.


Solr Tech delivers products inspired by sustainability. We are determined to apply renewable technologies to everyday products.


Charge a smartphone up to 20 times on a single charge, day or night, at the same rate as a. wall charger.


Whether for work or for play, Solr Tech provides power to the most desired locations. Plug and play with nearly no maintenance.



Customer experience and guest retention is key. By providing power outdoors, guests have the ability to stay outside longer and enjoy a superior experience.

Set your business apart with the most innovative and sustainable amenity available.

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customer retention

When compared to tables without power.

At institutions, students’ need for power complements the goals for universities on campus. While students want to enjoy the expansive and peaceful study environments their campus brings, Universities such as the University of Maryland rank, and rightly so, productivity as the #1 factor when determining a better student experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell the umbrella as well?

The Solr Retrofit Kit™ comes with a foldable solar panel, and the power pod. If you would like an umbrella as well, please contact for more information. We can customize these umbrellas to your specifications.

How long does it take to charge?

From nothing to 100%, it takes on average 6.5 hours to charge under optimal weather conditions. This may change depending on your climate and hours of sunshine per day. But not to worry! Our powerful battery packs last all day and night, meaning you don't have to worry about it again after setting it up.

What kind of customizations can I make?

Great question. We are deeply sensitive to the branding and aesthetic of our customers. Whether you're a hotel, resort, cafe, or other, our solar panels are entirely customizable in color, wattage, and I/O. Please contact for more information.

Why is Solr Retrofit Kit™ so damn good?

Hey, its simple. We use the highest quality components to deliver an experience not available anywhere else. It is the most powerful, convenient, and versatile solar charging station, and the first to convert your boring old umbrellas into Eco-friendly revenue generating machines.