The Solr Umbrella™

The worlds most convenient charging station

Charge where you want

The first easy way to convert any patio umbrella into a solar charging station


Charge a smartphone up to 20 times on a single charge, day or night.


Installation is a breeze. The Solr Umbrella is retrofittable to any patio umbrella.  


Whether it be work or play, Solr Tech provides power to the most desired locations.


Solr Tech delivers products inspired by sustainability. We are determined to apply renewable technologies to everyday products.


Imagine it’s a beautiful day and you're sitting outside with your friends chatting, or working on something important. All of a sudden you get a low battery alert. Panic begins to ensue, you are now faced with needing to leave the conversation or your work just to charge up.


After searching for outdoor power solutions, we found that most of them are very expensive and disruptive to the environment. As entrepreneurs and environmentally conscious individuals, we strived to create a product that would not only benefit us, but also the community.


Our mission is to create value for businesses and the community by bringing power to everyone, without the huge infrastructure costs. We strive to bring the most scalable and sustainable renewable source of energy available to communal locations with products that complement their surroundings.